The Social Media Platform for cannabis enthusiasts is here!

ZENBER is a social media community where cannabis enthusiasts and the canna-curious alike can seek communal advice, as well as education about cannabis use, legal products, and the best locations for shared indulging. Our hope through these ongoing discussions is to provide support during your cannabis consuming decisions. We encourage you to engage with others who enjoy the benefits of this magical plant to discuss ideas, opinions, and medicinal preferences. Please share your experiences of euphoric joy and encourage others to do the same. 

For example, do you like red wine and a good Sativa? How about a nice heavy Indica followed by a quick gaming session or a good movie on Netflix? You aren’t alone. Indulging in cannabis is meant to be a social experience enjoyed with friends. Social isolation is plaguing society. Our aim is to create a community of individuals that are seeking asylum in a politically correct world where cannabis use is viewed as taboo.